100 Affordable 40th Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget - Fun Party Pop (2024)

Inside: Adorable 40th birthday party ideas on a budget.

So you or someone you love is turning 4-0? Such an exciting birthday. Like any birthday it deserves to be celebrated.

Naturally, you would want to have a huge bash with photos to share, like these 40th birthday photoshoot ideas, but sometimes money doesn’t permit this. That’s okay!

There are so many amazing and affordable birthday ideas out there that you can use, that your loved one won’t know the difference.

Because after all, it is the thought that counts… not how much money you spend.

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I put together the master list of 40th birthday party ideas to help get you started. I cover everything from themes, to decorations, to foods. So take a look.

Table of Contents

Surprise 40th Birthday Party Ideas

1. Classic Surprise Party –I don’t think this one needs explaining. Throw a classic house party to surprise them!

2. Restaurant Surprise Party – Everyone will meet at a restaurant and get a huge table, then when they show up…SURPRISE!

3. Backyard Surprise Party – Have everyone meet in the backyard while they are gone and do some light and quick decorating. They won’t know what hit them.

4. Surprise Theater Party – Have all of your friends and family choose a movie to go to and have everyone show up early. When they get there just have everyone sit facing the movie like normal and see how long it takes them to notice that she’s surrounded by everyone she loves.

5. Surprise PowerPoint – Put together a PowerPoint presentation about why you love the birthday person and unveil it to everyone.

6. One Room Party – Instead of having the party in the main room of the house…have only one small room decorated. This will not only be hilarious but they won’t suspect a thing, even when they get home.

7. Favorite Food Surprise – Have everyone show up one at a time with one of the birthday person’s favorite foods.

8. Animal Surprise – Tell them you are going to get coffee and then drive to the pet shelter and let them pick out a pet.

9. Note Card Surprise – Have everyone show up one at a time, right after the other. Each with a note card with a letter on it that will spell surprise when everyone is there.

10. Surprise Photoshoot –Book them a surprise photo shoot!

Unique & Cheap 40th Party Ideas

11. Going Camping –Camping is an awesome way to throw a party, be it nonconventional. To spice it up you just secretly have everyone you love to meet at the camping site and make it a whole thing!

12. At-Home Wine Tasting –If you are trying to save some money then a wine tasting might be out of your budget. So just gather up a few varieties and some cheeses that pair with them and make your own at home.

13. Baking Party –If your birthday person loves to bake, then throw them a bake-off! Get all of your friends together and all of the ingredients to make a few different dishes and see who can make the most superior dessert.

14. Hike Surprise – Create a picnic party in the woods and take your birthday person on a hike until you happen across it. Loads of fun plus the element of surprise!

15. Pottery Class – Have everyone meet at your local pottery class, it’ll be so much fun PLUS you’ll get to take home your work. A forever memento!

16. Midnight Party – If you can stay up this late, then this is an awesome idea. Throw a party under the moonlight for a night you’ll never forget.

17.Suprise party for your friends –Uno reverse a surprise party and throw it for your friends. Don’t tell them you are throwing a party until they get there!

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Simple 40th Birthday Party Ideas

18. Sunrise Party – Choose a place to view the sunrise and have everyone meet there for a breakfast picnic.

19. Scavenger Hunt – Set up little notes with hints about where the party will be. They will follow the clues until they find their party.

20. Planting Party – If your birthday person loves plants then set up a planting party where you can repot plants and sew seeds.

21. Movie Night –Movie Night is a great and affordable party that is simple to put together and super enjoyable. It’s even cheaper thanks to Netflix and all of the streaming services that we have at our fingertips.

22. Beach Party –Just have a beach day(if you are near one). Get all of your pals and loved ones to gather at the beach and spend some quality time with the waves.

23. Game Night –I couldn’t make a party list without including a game night.

24. Crafting Party –Pick something that you’ve always wanted to make, gather the supplies and the people you are closest to, and dive on in. It’s even more fun with co*cktails.

25. Bonfire –Whether it’s in your backyard or the beach, this is an epic way to spend your 40th. Roasting marshmallows? Yes, please!

26. No Cell Phones Party –In this day in age it can be so hard to hang out with people without the interference of electronics. So have a no phones party. Disconnect your phones and connect your hearts.

27. Zumba Dance Party –If you like to sweat then this is the party for you. It’ll be full of laughs and is such a great workout.

28. Tiny Get Together –Keep it small. Only have your closest friends and family over, and have tiny themed foods.

House Party Ideas

29. Outdoor PicnicSpending time outdoors is always a good idea when we are talking about parties. There is so much space, clean air…and lots of fun.

30. Desserts Party –Now that you are an adult, you can eat as much dessert as you want. So feed that inner child and have a dessert-only party.

31. co*cktail Party –Keep it classy with a co*cktail party.

32. Photo Party –Set up cute backdrops to get some awesome photos.

33. Home Spa Day –Get some face masks and paint your nails…it’s a spa night.

34. Home Cooked Dinner – Simple and sweet.

35. DIY Pizza Party –Making your own pizza is such a fun and simple party idea that everyone will love

36. Kids Party –Turning 40 doesn’t mean you should stop being a kid at heart! Do all the things child you loved/

37. Tea Party –Tea parties are an elegant type of party that is perfect for photo opts.

38. Quilting Party –This one is to make you feel old!

39. Fancy Dress Themed –And to oppose the one above, this is one to make you feel young.

40. Drinking Game Party –There are so many fun drinking games…you could make a whole party out of them.

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Affordable Food for 40th Birthday Party

A good party needs good food. Most of these 40th birthday party food ideas on a budget are smaller foods and are more affordable than bigger meals.

Plus they’re cuter. You can’t go wrong.

41.Veggie Tray

42.Bacon Wrapped Weenies

43.Anti Pasta Skewer

44.Chip Dip Board

45.Chicken and Waffles Sliders

46.Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes

47.Jalapeno Cups

48.Potato Skins

49.Tea Sandwiches

50.Reese’s Snack Mix

51.Fruit Platter

52.Mini Baked Potatoes

53.Cheeseburger Sliders

54.Spinach Puffs

55.Jalapeno Peppers

56.Build Your Own Sandwich

57.Homemade Pizza Pockets

DIY & Quick to Buy Decorations

There are so many awesome value packs available online that come with upwards of 50-piece sets for less than 30 dollars. Don’t believe me? Look.

58.Light Pink Value Pack

59.Gold and Black Decoration Pack

60.Happy 40th Birthday Set

61.Sash and Tiara

62.Cheers and Beers to 40 Years

63.Gold and Black Decorations

64.40th Photo Template

65.Blue and Black Balloons

66.Sparkly Wall Decor

67.Happy 40th Outdoor Banner

68.Blue and Gold Kit

69.Plates and Table Runner

70.Twirly Ceiling Decor

71.Funny ‘I’m Forty’ Banner

72.40 Backdrop

73.Perfect 40 Back Drop

74.Decorated Napkins

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40th Birthday Must Haves – Where To Splurge?

These are just some of the things that you HAVE to consider getting for your 40th birthday party. We know we want to plan 40th birthday party ideas on a budget, but some things are worth splurging on and will leave a big impact on the party itself.

75.40th Cake Topper

76.Cute Cupcake Toppers

77.Classic Balloons with ’40’ on Them

78.Big Number Balloons

79.Cute Backdrop

80.Fringe Background

81.Vintage Wine Glass

82.Guest Signing Cuteness

83.Drink Sleeves

84.Plastic 40th Cups

Cute Invitation Ideas

Of course, you will need some simple and affordable invitations as well. I have found that a good invitation can really have a big impact on the party.

85.Black and Gold Invites

86.Cheers and Beers

87.Pink and Gold Invites

88.Surprise Party Invites

89.You’re Invited Pink and Striped

90.Classy White and Gold Invites

91.Watercolor Invites

92.Join Us Invites

93.Purple and Gold Invitations

94.Invitations with Brown Background

95.Colorful Funny Invites

96.Tiki Themed Invites

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Gift Ideas for a 40-Year-Old

If you are reading this article because you are planning a party for someone you love, then you may need some gift ideas. Take a look at these.

97.39ish Wine Glass

98.Themed Makeup Bag

99.Wine Set

100.Sweet Ceramic Mug

101.Themed Wine Label

102.Funny Themed Jar

103.Sweet Blanket

104.Cute Throw Pillow

105.Funny Framed Fact Sheet

There you have it! 100+ 40th birthday party ideas on a budget that will feel good on the heart… and the pockets. I hope that this article was useful to you because I know how daunting it can be to throw a big party like a 40th.

The important part is that you tried, that is all that matters. Here’s to 40 more years!

100 Affordable 40th Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget - Fun Party Pop (2024)


How do you throw a 40th party on a budget? ›

12 Creative 40th Birthday Party Ideas On A Budget (2024)
  1. Host your party at a stylish outdoor event venue. ...
  2. Have a birthday photoshoot party. ...
  3. Retro birthday party from your birth decade. ...
  4. Retro birthday party from any decade. ...
  5. Theme it up and plan a murder mystery party. ...
  6. Send out funny invitations.
Feb 19, 2024

How do you throw a big birthday party on a small budget? ›

How to Throw a Birthday Party on a Budget
  1. Keep your guest list small. ...
  2. Make your own invitations. ...
  3. Use free printables to decorate. ...
  4. Pick a theme you already have decorations for. ...
  5. Have the party at your house. ...
  6. Don't party at meal time. ...
  7. Make or decorate your own cake. ...
  8. Use the dollar store for party supplies.

What is a pop up birthday party? ›

Pop-Up Birthday provides birthday parties in a box for children in foster care. We include all the supplies needed to throw a party, plus personalized gifts for each child. Volunteers help us wrap every box, and caseworkers deliver our boxes to children.

What is the average budget for a birthday party? ›

According to a BabyCenter.com poll, where 5,000 parents were asked about their habits when it came to kids' birthday parties, 61% of parents spent $200 USD ($250 CDN) or less on their baby's first birthday, 25% spend between $200 and $500 USD ($250 to $600 CDN) and 11% dished out more than $500 USD ($600+ CDN) on their ...

How much money should I give for a 40th birthday? ›

Birthday money

It appears that the general amount for a birthday celebration is around $25, no matter the relationship. Money etiquette experts suggest spending $10 to $20 for classmates while expanding the budget to $25 for close friends, $50 for relatives and upwards of $100 for your own children.

How do you throw a fun small party? ›

Check it out:
  1. Create an Enticing Invitation.
  2. Invite an Interesting Group of Guests.
  3. Use Festive Décor.
  4. Lighting is Super Important.
  5. Create a Lively Playlist.
  6. Incorporate Thoughtful Details.
  7. Offer Mouthwatering Food.
  8. Serve a Mix of co*cktails.
Jun 1, 2021

How do you throw a good small party? ›

These are best tips for throwing the perfect party to make sure everyone enjoys it.
  1. Choose a Date and Time. It is important to pick a date and time that works for most of your guests. ...
  2. Choose a Location. ...
  3. Set a Budget. ...
  4. Create a Guest List. ...
  5. Plan the Food and Drinks. ...
  6. Choose Entertainment. ...
  7. Make Sure You Have Enough Supplies.
Aug 30, 2022

What is a good budget for a party? ›

Recent surveys show that party hosts spent an average of $81 per person! If you go the catering route, you're looking at about $250 for a small party. Food is an important part of the party, but that's no reason to break the budget.

How to decorate for a birthday party on a budget? ›

Gather leaves, branches, and flowers from your garden to create charming rustic decor. Arrange them in vases or use them as table scatter. Craft a bunting banner using colorful paper or fabric. Hang it along walls or tables for a festive and budget-friendly decoration.

What can I do instead of birthday presents? ›

Reduce the glut of kids' birthday gifts with these fun party...
  • Build a library. Parents living in the city always appreciate getting books. ...
  • Book exchange. Making the book concept even more guest-friendly is a book exchange. ...
  • Secret Santa. ...
  • Monetary donations. ...
  • Donation drive. ...
  • Artwork/poetry. ...
  • Video clips. ...
  • Potluck contributions.

What is a popcorn party? ›

Popcorn parties are all about two things: flavors and mix-ins! It's essential to set up a “popcorn bar” so your guests can create their favorite popcorn variety! Select a few varieties of popcorn and mix-ins so there are lots of options.

How do I make my birthday party stand out? ›

Vibrant party decor and a cheery table setting are key elements to a standout birthday party. But there's no need to go all out with elaborate, expensive decorations. Even simple, plastic plates and utensils in bold, solid colors can create a festive setting.

What do you need for a 40th birthday party? ›

40th Birthday Party Checklist
  • Set a Budget. The first thing you will want to check off your list is setting a budget. ...
  • Create Your Guest List. Next, you will want to create the guest list. ...
  • Book an Event Space. ...
  • Set a Time and Date. ...
  • Choose a Theme. ...
  • Food and Drinks. ...
  • 7. Entertainment.
Feb 3, 2023

How can I celebrate my 40th birthday at home? ›

Board games, card games, and party games are all great options for spending quality time with the people you cherish the most. Serve up some snacks and drinks to keep everyone fueled up, and let the games begin!

How do you throw a 40 year old party? ›

The Best 40th Birthday Party Ideas for an Epic Celebration
  1. Bring Live 80s Hits to Your Party. ...
  2. Bring Live 90s Hits to Your Party. ...
  3. Be the Star. ...
  4. Make It a Dance Party. ...
  5. Add a Musical Countdown. ...
  6. Dress for the Decade. ...
  7. Include a Vintage Photo Both. ...
  8. Dress to Impress.
Oct 13, 2023

What should I do for my wife's 40th birthday? ›

Taking your wife on a trip for her milestone birthday is one of the best ways to make the celebration memorable and spend quality time together. You could go on a romantic couple's getaway, a big family vacation, book a cruise, or send her on a girl's trip with her friends.


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