SSSniperwolf Net Worth 2023: Instagram Youtube Earnings Wealth (2024)

SSSniperwolf’s Net Worth In 2023

I’ll share an eye-opening piece of information about her stunning life and lifestyle, including SSSniperwolf net worth and many more facts that are going to shock you. Are you getting excited? So, let’s break the ice.

SSSniperwolf Net Worth: SSSniperwolf is a big name among many celebrities in the world. She is an amazingly talented young British girl. As of 2023, SSSniperwolf’s net worth is estimated to be around $72 million. Her wealth has mainly been acquired through being a YouTuber. You may have known a general knowledge about the rocking American personality SSSniperwolf.

SSSniperwolf Net Worth & Earnings

When she started the SSSniperwolf youtube channel, she was used to uploading gaming videos daily. Consequently, her daily viewers approach the millions on almost every video. This great success made her the richest you tuber.

According to Jan 2023, her net worth is $72 million. It is a big number. The main source of her income is the SSSniperwolf youtube channel. Besides this, she also earns from advertisem*nts and sponsorship with different brands. She is happy with what she has in her life.

As of 2023, SSSniperwolf’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $72 million.

Net Worth$72 Million
Previous Net Worth$50 Million
Annual Income through ads$10 Million
Annual Income$14 Million
Monthly Income171K to 2 million dollars
Per Day Income$130,000
Source Of IncomeYoutube

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Full Name:Alia Shelesh
Date of birth:October 22, 1992
Place of birth:Liverpool, United Kingdom
Net Worth:$72 million
Most Famous For:YouTube Channel
Zodiac Sign:Libra
Occupation:YouTuber, Vlogger, Gamer
Age:30 years
Height:5 Feet 4 Inches (1.60 m).
Last Updated:2023

SSSniperwolf, Early Life

SSSniperwolf’s real name is Alia Marie Shelesh, and it was October 22, 1992, when this rising star comes into the world. Liverpool is her birthplace in England; later on, she moved to America when she was six years old. Then she settled there permanently and living a splendid life.

Alia owns British American nationality but her popularity rocks beyond the countries. She is a famous female game player.

Professional Life

SSSniperwolf is her YouTube gaming channel name. She started it on January 23, 2013, and now she is rocking on YouTube. The fact will make you wonder that she has more than 31 million subscribers. Alia is a highly viewed woman on YouTube. If you want to meet sssniperwolf personally. To get a quick response from SSSniperwolf, you can contact her through the SSSniperwolf phone number.

She has a mind-blowing number of viewers as she is a game enthusiast and used to go live on Twitch. It increases her credibility as a gamer. People love her like mad. You can get the idea of her popularity because she runs the SSSniperwolf channel with great success and more than 5 million people follow her on Instagram.

After the tremendous success of SSSniperwolf, she started another youtube channel, “Little lia”. She uploads DIY’s, prank videos, and many fun activities on this channel. The amazing thing is that she is also running this channel successfully.

Alia started her earnings when she was a student. She bought cheap clothes and sold them to the other girls. Unfortunately, Alia didn’t enjoy her student life, but she found the idea of a youtube channel and skipped the previous one. After getting success with her youtube channel, she skips her studies and spends all the time playing games.

She started playing games and uploading videos of her favourite game like Fortnight, Destiny, Far Cry, and Call of duty. Alia also won an award in the Nickelodeon kid’s choice award.SSSniperwolf Net Worth 2023: Instagram Youtube Earnings Wealth (1)

Family, Boyfriend, and Marriage

Alia belongs to a good family. She has nicer relations wither her parents and siblings. Alia enjoyed the company of two younger brothers, Paul Shelesh and Bakir Shelesh, and a sister Ranya Shelesh.

She awards her mother the best mom in the world. It shows that she has very good and close terms with her mother. Not only this but also her father was always in favour of her playing games. She gains courage and spirit from him.

As long as the matter of boyfriend of Alia is concerned, yeah, she has been in relationships with a fellow you tuber Evan Sausage for a long time. It could not be proved a permanent relation, and finally, one day, she claims in her video, “we are not together, it is weird”.

They remain in relation for a few months, and then they broke up. This time was almost November 2015 to May 2016. They again catch up after one month and then again broke up in September 2016. After break up with Sausage, she never showed her interest in any other boyfriend. Alia is still single despite going to be 30 years old.

Her fans are eager to see the lucky guy who will be her spouse in the future. Alia’s popularity and people’s curiosity don’t end here. She made many more stories to explore at a very young age.

Lifestyle and pets

Alia is living a super doper luxurious life. She loves cars and buys upcoming Mercedes, and spends money lavishly to celebrate her life and stay attractive among her fans. Will you imagine that once she put a challenge in her video and claims that she’ll buy everything she touches. Do you know what happened after that?

Surprisingly, she went to a Mercedes store at the end of the video and touched a G63 AMG, a rich man’s jeep. She didn’t get back her words and bought that pricy jeep for 180 thousand bucks.

Alia loves pets and, most of the time makes videos with them. Her loving dog’s names are Tuna and Kuz. Moving on, we cannot forget to discuss her expensive belts and sunglasses of GUCCI and Balenciaga.

SSSniperwolf Net Worth 2023: Instagram Youtube Earnings Wealth (2)

Youtube Channel Stats:

Subscribers31 Million
Views17,900,799,654 views

The stunning beauty of Alia Shelesh

The rocking youtube star is very conscious about her social media presence and her health as well. She is an expert in Hoola hoops, and this can be a reason behind her perfect physical beauty.

The perfect match of 5.4 inches’ height and 52 kg weight make her more attractive and stunning.

When she walks forward, her fans’ eyes chase her beautiful walk style. Alia is a real American star in all aspects.


I hope now you have an excellent idea about the life of A shining star on youtube. She is ruling over the hearts of people. No doubt the journey is never easy, but she shows great determination to establish her life by herself.

Alia is a young girl who is spreading motivation all around her. If you are longing for a gaming carrier, SSSniperwolf is an alive and fresh motivation for you. You also can as successful as Alia is and can explore more world to the people.

What do you think about SSSniperwolf’s Net Worth? Leave a comment below.

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SSSniperwolf Net Worth 2023: Instagram Youtube Earnings Wealth (2024)


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