Black Bean Tacos With Avocado and Spicy Onions Recipe (2024)



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Dried beans cook up to about three times their volume, so two cups of dried beans would cook up to six cups of cooked beans. One can of cooked beans is about one and a half cups.


Going to make a yogurt lime drizzle for these, maybe some super crispy roasted sweet potatoes to tuck in as well. Add water if beans get dry.


This is one of my favs. I've made it three times. It can be very quick to make. I've used both dried beans, canned on stovetop and in slow cooker..toppings always included the pickled onion, but also can be cashew yogurt, soy sour cream, cilantro or parsley, diced tomatoes, or tomatillo salsa. Using slow cooker made everything layer well and also made for a great smelling home during COVID 19 stay at home. Hoping everyone stays well, and thanks NYT for another yummy vegan recipe.

Susan Weston

How many tortillas? The recipe is for four servings, but the nutritional info is unclear due to lack of that information.


The pickled onions really make the recipe. Do yourself a favor and double the onion part of the recipe. Great with chips as well.


Made this with fresh beans in the IP. Added chipotle in adobo sauce,diced tomato’s, tomato purée and some diced zucchini. Finished with the pickled onions and put over cauliflower rice seasoned with taco spices to make a bowl rather than tacos. Drizzled low fat sour cream and salsa . Very good.


Flavorful, but could use some texture, in my opinion. Next time I’ll add some purple cabbage (perhaps marinaded with the onions & jalapeño?).


I added a little bit of water at the end. Also used less salt and more black pepper. Better with flour tortillas we thought

Melanie K

This was delicious and a big hit with the family. It does make quite a lot - we are four and will likely make a lunch for all of us too (served with salsa, guacamole, etc). Recommend adding some water when sauteeing the beans as they otherwise would get quite dry.


Landed on this recipe at the last minute but had to sub a few ingredients as I was using what I had on hand. Didn't have bell pepper so substituted a couple stalks celery, diced. Didn't have jalapeno so used some chipotle in adobo. No tortillas on hand either, so served it as bowl, with tortilla chips on the side. Like others, added a little water. Garnished with avocado, radish cut into match sticks, the lime-pickled onions, cilantro and yogurt. Delicious!


This one is a definite keeper! We threw in salsa instead of the tomato paste and doubled the spices and garlic. Drained and rinsed only one can of beans and threw the other one in with its liquid. Also fried up the corn tortillas and fixed with all the toppings. Hearty, quick & delicious!


We love a bit of texture and contrast from cabbage in tacos. But buying a large cabbage is sometimes inconvenient. Sooo a large raw brussel sprout or two shaved to angel hair thin with a mandolin is a great substitute and addition to any taco dish, or some salads for that matter. Try it, be surprised.


Very good, although as others have mentioned the corn tortillas, or at least the store-bought ones, tend to fall apart — but I like them better than flour tortillas, and they're more healthful — so you may end up eating the tacos more like an enchilada (i.e., with a fork). Also, instead of sour cream, I served the dish with some crumbled cotija cheese, which was an excellent addition.


I assume the nutritional info is for the "filling" and the tortillas are on their own from a macro standpoint since all brands and sizes vary.


Even better the second time I made it. I ditched the bell pepper because I’m not fond of them. The pickled shallot/jalapeño mixture is sooo good. In lieu of the spices I used a taco seasoning mix I love from Costco. If you happen to have Nothing Fancy by Alison Roman, this pairs great with the grilled carrots with limey hot sauce and cotija cheese from the book.


The bean mix was meh, even though I doubled the spices and garlic. Similar to bean chilies I have made in the past, but not as good. As others have said, you must add liquid to simmer the beans. I think it would be better with a can of diced tomatoes rather than tomato paste (or in addition to). I won’t be making this again. The spicy onions make a nice topping for any kind of taco. I will make those again.Avocados and purple cabbage made excellent toppings.

Allison McCarroll

I added about a full Tablespoon of each seasoning, plus a Tablespoon and a half of salt (Diamond). I also added a cup of chicken stock to “simmer”, as a dry pan of beans would need some liquid to simmer. Served with pickled red onions, avocado and some sour cream that I added lime zest to. Toasting the corn tortillas in a skillet much improved their texture and ability to hold the filling. My meat loving partner and two kids all loved it! Taco Tuesday can be meatless from now on!

Laura Nak

Agree about adding water to the beans. The pickles are genius! Very nice supper.


How long can the pickled onions be stored?


How can beans simmer without liquid? The answer was to add a little water, which prevented sticking, deglazed the pan and kept the beans moist. Over the 15 minutes, I added about five tablespoons. Perfect. The pickled red onion is so good. My husband and I prefer flour tortillas to corn ones. Best are TJ's handmade, thrown on a hot skillet until golden spotted on each side and puffing up. Yummy meal.

ramp chicken grilling

Need to add water to these beans.


The flavors are really great here but I found the black beans to be much too dry. I added more tomato paste and water but still didn't like how pasty they were. I make the beans in a similar way normally but only partially drain them and don't rinse. Maybe that's the difference.

Lauren G

This was a quick, easy, and delicious meal using ingredients that we often have on hand. I followed the recipe as written except for the tomato paste (we didn't have any), and the flavor was great. After seeing an earlier comment suggesting adding some crunch, I made a quick slaw with shredded cabbage, mayo, hot sauce, lime, and salt & pepper. The whole thing was one of the best weeknight meals I've made in a while and in very little time. We'll be adding this to our regular rotation!

Frances Leftwich

I wish I could learn to like sour cream and blue cheese. I'm just not a cheese eater or dairy. I know I miss a lot of recipes because I can't think of a substitute. I'm not even allergic!!


This is all about the spicy onions and cilantro. Don’t skimp on either!


I’m “shaky chef” wife and made these tacos. We had a split decision. Hubby loved them, I just thought they were ok. All I could taste was onion—-so to me, it was onion tacos. I do plan to make them again and will think about any tweaks (maybe dry beans since they got great reviews). Since we were split, I split the star rating (3).


I used soft flour taco shells instead of the corn, and added shredded sharp cheese to the finished taco. This was an outstanding recipe and I highly recommend it. Can't wait to make it again!


Because I’m obsessed with Berens’ new cookbook, Grist, I happened to have 2 cans’ worth of cooked black beans in my fridge, so I made this. The spicy onions are everything! The flavor of the black bean mixture is good, but definitely on the dry side. I did dice up a whole medium red bell pepper, which helped some. I think I would double the tomato paste next time. I topped the tacos with cabbage and avocado. If I had cotija, I would have definitely crumbled it on. All in all, very tasty.


Like Suzanne’s brilliant suggestion with finely sliced Brussels sprouts, one small pak choi does well for a small household’s crisp greens in a taco.



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Black Bean Tacos With Avocado and Spicy Onions Recipe (2024)


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